Crash accident in Istanbul closed highway in TEM

TEM motorway closed in Istanbul: TEM Motorway Celaliye locality was closed due to the snow and type of transportation. Several chain traffic accidents occurred on the road. Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, 25-30 vehicle involved in the accident, 5 said the person was injured.
The snow and type chains that were effective in the Celaliye area of ​​TEM Highway caused accidents. In the accident involving 25-30 vehicles, 5 people were injured, while the highway in Edirne direction was closed to transportation.
The accident occurred in the direction of Edirne of TEM Highway around 15.00. On the road, which became slippery due to the snow and its type, a large number of vehicles intervened. Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin announced that 25 people were injured in the accident involving 30-5 vehicles.
An elderly women and children, including the wounded, was taken to the hospital with ambulances from the scene.
TEM's Edirne direction closed to transportation
Due to the chain accident, the Edirne direction of TEM Highway was closed to transportation. While traffic crews allowed small vehicles to return from the safety lane, vehicles were directed to E-7 Highway via Kumburgaz, 5 kilometers away.
In the meantime, drivers and passengers trapped in the accident vehicles waiting for the fire crews to come.
On the other hand, it is observed that TEM Highway is open in Istanbul direction but traffic is controlled.


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