Who is responsible for snow captivity in Istanbul

Who is responsible for the snow captivity in Istanbul: Snow captured Istanbul for two days. Highways, trucks, Governorate, unchained vehicles, Police, blamed strip magandas. District municipalities buried his head, and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement, "We have no problem." Nobody took the responsibility. Istanbul residents, accused by the authorities, marched for hours, without electricity in the cold. Even walking, let alone driving, counted as a chance ...
When the snow, the warning of which was made days ago, came down the day before, there was a fear in Istanbul. Traffic in the city stopped completely and for hours. TEM Highway became unusable, E-5 turned into ice rink. Districts were disconnected from each other. Even the most trusted metrobus route could not be kept open. Even walking, let alone the car, became impossible on the side roads. People walked for kilometers on the metrobus road. Overpasses and pedestrian paths were covered with snow. Vehicles got stuck in the streets and side streets. Drivers entering the snow-covered roads either abandoned their vehicles. In districts such as Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt, electricity was cut for hours. Snow stopped, only main roads opened. Nobody took all these experiences. Institutions accused the citizen instead of performing their duties. Highways blamed trucks, Governorship, unchained vehicles, Police lane moans. District municipalities buried in his head,
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement, "There is no problem with us".
Even though the snowfall that affected Istanbul subsides at the end of two days, it continues to affect life negatively. Istanbulites, who lost work the previous evening, remained in traffic for hours due to the locked roads. As the metrobus road got frozen, the services stopped, the bridges kept frozen. The residents of Istanbul had to get off the public transportation vehicles that did not advance by millimeter for hours and walk the roads for miles. There were also people crossing the Bosphorus Bridge on foot. Yesterday, the blizzard continued, the measures were still insufficient.
Those who left early were lucky.
Those who had to leave late suffered for a few hours.
But the 'white nightmare' for which the Istanbulites lived for hours did not assume any authority. General Directorate of Highways officials, Istanbul is the main network of major arteries in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is under the responsibility, while the measures related to traffic flow Safety took. Highways officials, Hurriyet, Istanbul in the fight against snow uninterrupted drive, the traffic disruptions, the TEM connection caused the blockages said.
Access to the bridge and the ways of distinction according to highways. The reason for the disruption in traffic due to the large vehicles can not exit from the side of the road clogging.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center that came to the red alert and the information received (AKOM) Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin and Mayor Kadir Topbas, Istanbul, unless they are obliged to leave their private vehicles and chainless road, they wanted to leave the safety lanes empty. Governor Şahin, r I would like to ask our drivers to have chains and ropes. Unless you need to go with the private vehicle. Medik
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, after thanking AKOM and the municipality employees, said: belediye In the field, 5 is working close to a thousand people. Our vehicle is in the vicinity around 1050. There is still a snowfall in the 60 centimeter. We have increased the number of flights of our public transportation vehicles. With a population of 15 million, we need to evaluate Istanbul at the state scale. When the 3 bridge is opened, Istanbul will not experience these problems. X
Istanbul Security, which is alarmed by 'standing' traffic with its type of suppressing, argued that the hair led to congestion in the head, winter tires and non-chained vehicles on the road. Police officials said, üc Our teams had great difficulty in reaching the scene due to irresponsible drivers blocking safety lines. Every minute that is delayed is a little more intense traffic. Geç
Fault occurred in 17.15 at Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro power line yesterday. Metro flights could not be made between Osmanbey and Levent. There were passengers at the metro stops. Some passengers reacted with the slogan ”Mayor of dry air göster to Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. Expeditions returned to normal after 32 minutes.
Due to heavy snowfall and type, Avcılar and Beylikdüzü connection was disconnected last night. Metrobuses stayed on the road. Vehicles could not exit the Haramidere ramp. The road turned the ice pistens.
Education and training was suspended in Istanbul due to snowfall. THY has canceled all flights except yesterday's long-range and European-based flights due to snowfall. The number of voyages canceled in two days was stated to be 334. The traffic between the TEM Mahmutbey and Hadımköy 3 TIR has been locked again in the evening. Long vehicle queues occurred due to the presence of a large number of TIRs on the same route. It was stated that the vehicles were directed to the region where the TIRs were left in the opposite direction by cutting the barriers.
There were places at the metrobus stops. Istanbulites immortalized their journeys by taking selfies.
County municipalities buried his head in the land. Aside from driving on intermediate roads, it has become impossible to walk aside. Overpasses stairs, pedestrian roads closed. It is impossible to use the steps of the escalator which is completely covered with snow and ice. The situation of fixed stairs next to it is no different. Passengers climbing up and down the steps are forced to try to move on an ice rink. There are others among them. They are trying to accompany them to the safer walking stairs.

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