Ilgaz Women's Meadow Yıldıztepe (Photo Gallery)

Ilgaz Kadın Çayırı Yıldıztepe: The distinguished district of Çankırı, which was established on the slopes of Ilgaz Mountain, has always attracted attention with its history, culture, architectural and natural beauties, geography and history. “Ilgaz, the Pearl of Çankırı”, where winter sports where white meets blue in winter, and nature sports where green meets sky in summer, is the D It is one of the important centers of history, nature and winter tourism with its location at the intersection of 80 State Highway, its proximity to major cities, and dozens of archeological sites and examples of civil architecture.

Yıldıztepe, which was declared as Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Region in 2006 in Ilgaz-Kadınçayırı, is the new attraction center of the region. The region, which is 20 kilometers away from Ilgaz, 70 kilometers from Çankırı, and 200 kilometers from Ankara, is reached by a 13-kilometer asphalt road that separates east from the 7th kilometer of the Ilgaz-Kastamonu highway. The area where every shade of green can be seen looks like a forest sea in summer. Although the sea is covered with a white cover in winter, the effect of green never disappears. The area, which is also suitable for all kinds of nature sports such as skiing and other winter sports, pedestrian and horseback hiking, mountaineering, caravans, camping and education, is flooded with visitors in twelve months of the year. “Çankırı - Ilgaz Woman Çayırı Yıldıztepe Tourism Center” was declared as Çankırı - Ilgaz Woman Çayırı Yıldıztepe Culture and Tourism Conservation and Development Region in 2005 with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Yildiztepe, which has the longest mechanical line and runway of our region, is also inevitable to stimulate the tourism of the region and attract the attention of the investors by positively affecting the other facilities in Ilgaz Mountain besides our province. Thus, Çankırı Ilgaz natural wonder Kadınçayır Yıldıztepe Culture and Tourism Conservation and Development Center will be one of Turkey's favorite venues. Yıldıztepe which is also available in the Cross-Country Competition International University Cross Country Championship and Turkey Universities Cross Country Championships competitions are held.