High speed train will make 5 trips from Izmit to Ankara

The high-speed train will make 5 trips from Izmit to Ankara: The high-speed train operating between Istanbul and Ankara has been changed. The high-speed train will now make 5 flights from Izmit to Ankara.

TCDD eliminated the injustice of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to Izmit in Istanbul-Ankara flights. High Speed ​​Train between Istanbul and Ankara, which started its flights in July last year, stopped only three times a day in Izmit. Citizens insisted on increasing expeditions. At the Provincial Coordination Board meeting held last month, the issue was brought to the agenda and Governor Güzeloğlu stated that the trips should increase. TCDD increased the number of trips with the new arrangement. Fast Train, which previously stood in Izmit three times a day, will now stop 5 times. The first train from Izmit to Ankara will depart at 07:17 in the morning. Other trains will depart at 11:17, 13:32, 14:47. The last train will depart at 19:57. The high-speed train going to Konya will continue to operate twice a day. Konya train will depart from Izmit at 08:17 and 18:32. In the direction of Istanbul, trains will depart between 09.08- 12.36- 15.27- 17.45- 22.08.

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