Fast Train is Very Important for Erzurum's Economy and Tourism

High Speed ​​Train is Important for Erzurum's Economy and Tourism: Erzurum Strategic Entrepreneur Businessmen Association Chairman (ESGİAD) Mehmet Nuri Alim said that Erzurum has lost blood, has given both a brain drain and economic migration, and that we have not only migrated but also received a poor quality migration. he said.

Turkey Explaining that economic growth in the slowing of most employment market affect ESGİAD President of Scholars, "The recently announced TurkStat data also confirmed our remark is our population has decreased more 3 thousand 409 people, said the last 6 years, 79 thousand 749 of our people emigrated, coming so goes 10 shows that we can migrate about 130 thousand more per year. Young people in Erzurum have low labor force participation, difficulties in transition from education to labor market, and high unemployment rates cause economic and social problems. ” said.


Mehmet Nuri Alim, who stated that there is a lack of motivation for the realization of an idea and an idea in the business world in Erzurum, said later; “In general, young entrepreneurs need to be encouraged to realize an idea. Morale, courage and sharing of ideas are needed. We have seen this ”by identifying this deficiency, by supporting and contributing to entrepreneurs whose environment is not suitable for this. With the developing winter tourism of Erzurum in recent years, commercial life, agriculture and animal husbandry should also be developed. does not have factories in Erzurum then required in neighboring countries, as well as all of Turkey until the factory, we can export our province, products produced in s, and employment as ESGİAD which is very important for our economy both provinces 29. 01. 2015 Best in the press EXPO our project, especially Governorship be We can carry out joint projects with the Metropolitan Municipality.


which forms the dynamic power of the country's development of young people in this predicament in employment is an issue which needs to be addressed urgently, "Among the world's 20 largest economies, such as Turkey and in 2023 exports and GDP in terms of his big goals put an economy, the employment data does not give much hope. The way to open new employment areas is to increase new and productive investments. This is the business of the business community and investors, but our project, which did not pass KOSGEB in 2014, by establishing a common mind platform as ESGİAD, together with the big city municipality, university and other NGOs, especially the Governor's Office, to make the favorable conjuncture conditions and appropriate investment environment that will increase the investment appetite of the business world. Let's create İŞGEM. İŞGEMs also means regional development. İŞGEMs, which have made significant contributions to the development of our province and the region, and the enterprises that develop and flourish in these regions will contribute to the national economy as stronger SMEs.


The high speed train, which is of great importance for Erzurum's economy and tourism, will constitute a very important place in the revival of all activities in the region and in the development of the region. Such an investment in Erzurum will have a positive impact on the entire Eastern Anatolia region, and this project, ie a high-speed train project to Erzurum, will save our western regions from migration pressure. Let's start working to prevent migration to a certain extent by developing a strategy for Erzurum, saying that the governor, the big city municipality, the University and other NGOs, let's unite, unite under a roof, unite in a common mind point.

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