Highway protest of citizens in Şırnak

Highway protest of citizens in Şırnak: People of Şırnak protested the failure of the Cizre-Şırnak double highway with a press release.
A group climbed to Cudi Mountain to protest the completion of the double road works between Şırnak city center and Cizre district, and reacted to the road's incompletion, although the road tender was made 23 years ago. Stating that the road could not be completed for years, Faysal Acar, one of the citizens of Şırnak, said that despite the fatal accidents that occurred on the current road, they could not understand the completion of the new highway. Acar said, “The people of Şırnak have been waiting for months to open this road to transportation. "With the opening of the road, traffic accidents will be prevented and the distance between Şırnak and Cizre will be shortened," he said.
The citizen named Fatih Öner, who stated that they could not understand that the road was not completed, said, “The road, which should be completed in 2-3 years, has not been completed for 23 years. As the people of Şırnak, we want this road to be completed as soon as possible. We ask the authorities to start the road construction work again and to open the road, ”he said. The citizen named Hişyar Osal noted that it is unacceptable that the 34-kilometer road has not been completed for 22 years and said, “The Şırnak-Cizre Road consists of 34 km and this road has not been completed for 22 years. If a dam had been built with the work done here, it would have been finished by now, but this road cannot be finished. The reason why the road does not end is the extra work and the damage to nature. However, despite the slow progress of the works, no official inspects these studies on site. The works on the highway are progressing slowly because it is not inspected. We, as citizens, protest this and invite the competent authorities to do their duty ”. Stating that the road is halfway, Abdullah Özcan said, “The Cizre Şırnak road has not been completed yet. We protest the completion of this road and the authorities who remain insensitive to the incident ”.


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