Haliç Metro Transition Bridge increases property prices

Haliç Metro Transition Bridge has increased its real estate prices: Haliç Metro Transition Bridge, which is integrated with Marmaray, has affected the real estate prices in nearby neighborhoods.

The Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which is integrated with Marmaray by bringing the metro between Hacıosman and Şişhane to Yenikapı, has also affected the real estate prices in the nearby neighborhoods, according to the analysis made by square meter.com.

The new project, which made transportation between Beyoğlu and Fatih districts much easier, led to an increase in property prices, especially in certain regions of Fatih.

Hacıosman, 4. Levent and Taksim, and the Yenikapı transfer station and the Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, which connects to Göztepe, Maltepe, Üsküdar, Kozyatağı and Kartal via Marmaray, caused a noticeable increase in the neighborhoods near Fatih's metro line.

While there was no significant change in prices in the district, there was an average increase of% 5,5 in the property prices in the Küçükmustafapaşa neighborhood of Zeyrek and Yavuz Sultan Selim neighborhoods.

In the districts of Akdeniz, which consisted of Akşemseddin and İskender Pasha neighborhoods, and Fener districts, such as Balat and Hirka-i Serif, there was a 4,7% and 5% increase in property prices for sale, respectively.

Fener and Haseki were the districts where the prices for rental houses in Fatih rose. Especially in Haseki, one of the neighborhoods close to the metro line, rental house prices rose by 6,7% in February compared to January.

The effect of the launch of Şişhane-Yenikapı Metro line on property prices was almost not felt in Beyoğlu. The tense environment that has been continuing since the summer months has caused the prices in Beyoğlu to decrease day by day, while the prices of the houses for sale in the region have decreased by 3% and the prices for rental houses by 15.1% in the last 3,4 months.

Experts emphasize that there is no decrease in demand for the region, especially with the separation of some of the inhabitants of the region increased the supply, this situation caused the breakdown of prices, he said.


Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:21

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