Earthquake in Hakkar

Earthquake in Hakkar: Hakkari'nın Durankaya town in the town of Baglarbasi after the expansion of the road due to the landslide due to the landslide 6 is facing the danger of collapse.
Approximately 5 years ago by a firm in the town by way of expanding the road to the work began. Some families due to landslide occurred after the work of the nose to death said. Remzi and Veysi Güldal, who live in Bağlarbaşı district, stated that their houses were in danger as a result of the expansion of the road in 2011. Güldal, mal 2011 in the country by the way to expand the roads were made work. Since the retaining wall was not built, the landslide underneath the road began to slide towards the houses. There must be a retaining wall by highways. Otherwise, our permanent floating earth houses can be taken with us. We live the nose against the possible landslide, ana he said.
Highways 114. Officials of the Branch Chiefs confirmed that landslides had occurred during the road expansion works in the highways network and stated that they would build retaining walls during these years.


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