3rd Bridge Works Started at Habur Border Gate

Habur Border Gate 'in 3rd Bridge Work Begins: provides the connection between Turkey and northern Iraq, Sirnak at the Habur border gate near Silopi will serve in addition to the two bridges began to work for the 2rd bridge.
Turkey, which connect northern Iraq, in Sirnak Silopi Habur Border Gate near the bridge will serve as additional 2 have started to work for the 3rd bridge.
The Habur Border Gate Habur Border Gate on stream in Hezil between Turkey and Iraq, causing the vehicle to the accumulation is insufficient grounds next to 2rd 3 bridge began construction of the bridge. In the works that were started to be built by Iraq, the piling process of the two pillars of the 3rd bridge was completed. The bridge, which is 35 meters wide and 286 meters long, will serve with 3 departures and 3 arrival roads. Habur Civil Administration Supervisor Suat Demirci, Silopi District Governor Ali Arıkan, 9th Deputy Regional Director of Highways Diyarbakır Ahmet Sağlam and a delegation accompanying them to Northern Iraq to see the bridge works on site, received information from the engineers about the bridge works.
Habur Mülki Administrative Supervisor Suat Demirci stated that the 3rd bridge will contribute greatly to the solution of the problems experienced in the transitions, and said:
“We came with friends to check the work of the feet of the 3rd bridge. In a short time, we follow the works of fixing the problems of this bridge, and then completing the bridge quickly and opening it to service. For the moment, this work started from this side, but we are planning to start on the other side with the other machine for the other bored pile in a short time. ”
Demirci, who stated that the transit will be provided and the problems will be ended with the completion of the bridge, said:
“Since the number of lanes will increase, in this sense, there will be an opportunity to make transactions in touristic passes more quickly. There won't be this much queue. Small vehicles and buses, especially in tourist passes, will have such an advantage. We will have an advantage in serving our citizens very comfortably when 3 bridges are put into service after they are taken care of and repaired in other bridges. ”
Selma Özçınar, Investment and Construction Manager of Şırnak Private Administration, said that the tender for the third bridge construction was made in October 3, and said, “Habur is the construction site of the 2014 bridge construction work. Our bridge was tendered in October and the location was determined as of October 3. The span of our bridge is 14 meters. Its width is 286 meters. There are 35 departure lanes and 3 arrival lanes. As of now, the A3 and P2 feet of our bridge, that is, the fore pile operations of two feet, have been completed. Work continues. The contract price of the work is 7 million 24 thousand liras. Studies are ongoing. ”
After the speeches, the Iraqi officials returned to Silopi, after meeting the Turkish delegation for a while.

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