550 Meter Road to Güzeloluk Neighborhood

550 Meter Road to Guzeloluk Neighborhood: Muratpasa Municipality renews the damaged asphalts and opens new roads.
Muratpaşa Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs asphalt production teams on the streets by removing the deteriorated asphalt while doing a new, on the other hand, continues to work on the construction of new roads. Asphalt production teams began work on the construction of a double lane road 1879 meters wide and 30 meters long on the 550 street in Güzeloluk Neighborhood. After completion of the road construction work teams will make hot asphalt coating.
Director of Science Affairs Arif Kuş stated that after the completion of the 30 meter wide road they started to build in Guzeloluk District, relief will be provided in traffic flow in Guzeloluk, Yesilova, Guzeloba and Guzelbag Neighborhoods. Science Director Arif Kuş said, “We will cover the entire road with hot asphalt in about 15 days. Our teams will continue their work day and night. We will open a great way to service in a short time, ”he said.



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