Giant tunnel project in TRNC

Giant tunnel project in TRNC: Push button for giant project to facilitate access to Kyrenia coastline from Nicosia, Mesarya and Ercan Airport. Studies are carried out for the tunnel that will connect the Değirmenlik junction and Acapulco junction.
TRANSPORTATION EASY: Girne-Değirmenlik Mountain Tunnel Project has been started to study studies. Land surveys are carried out within the framework of the studies. project which will be carried out with the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport aims to facilitate access to the coastline to the east of Kyrenia
4-5 KILOMETREKLIK TUNNEL: The first land surveys revealed that the tunnel would be at least 4. The tunnel, which will facilitate access to the northern coastline especially from Mesarya villages and Ercan Airport, will also contribute to traffic safety.
The first study carried out in the study, the most suitable route for the tunnel on the Degirmenlik Mountain Road located in the Degirmenlik Lake was identified as the area. The tunnel is planned to be united by the northern coastal road at Acapulco crossroad, passing under the pond and at the east of Catalkoy.
19 KM, 14 will fall to KM: Tunnel construction with the current 19 Interchange Junction junction and Acapulco junction between the 14 mileage will fall. It was learned that the giant tourism investments made to the region in the recent period were also effective in bringing the tunnel construction project into the agenda.
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The measurements for the Girne-Değirmenlik Mountain Tunnel Project, which is planned to be built within the framework of the 2010-2020 Master Plan, have started. The tunnel project will be carried out with the cooperation of the General Directorate of Highways under the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC Directorate of Highways.
Ground surveys are being carried out
The tunnel to be built within the scope of the project will start from the entrance of Arapköy. 14 will be built as a kilometers long and double road tunnel will end under the Değirmenlik Pond. The TRNC Highways Department and the Turkish General Directorate of Highways conducts surveys for the tunnel, which will ensure that the dangerous road will be overcome in a shorter time and safely. According to the results of the investigations to be done in the drilling process will be made with new technology drilling tools.
Erduran: Work in progress
Director of the TRNC Directorate of Highways, Hasan Nihat Erduran stated that the projects foreseen within the framework of the 2010-2020 Master Plan are taking place and that the Kyrenia-Değirmenlik Dağyolu Project is also on the agenda. 2010 43 point of the traffic road counting as a result of the arrangement of the average number of vehicles passing through the route to be specified that expresses Erduran, 2020'ye according to the calculation was made and the quality of service will be reduced, inadequate to start working on the roads to be noted. According to the route with the Kyrenia-Değirmenlik Dağyolu Project 4-5 miles shortening of the road indicating that the targeted Erduran, the alternatives were evaluated.
Icı Improving service quality “
Hasan Nihat Erduran stated that the researches for the projects within the scope of the Kyrenia-Değirmenli Dağyolu work and regulation activities were also investigated and that the expropriation of the lands on the route was investigated. "Whichever area of ​​expropriation is avoided there," he said, and for the exchange procedure, the law should be regulated and can be resolved in this way, he said. "As the number of vehicles, commercial activities and tourism activities increase, we have to develop their transportation in parallel," Erduran said, economically speaking, the TRNC people were doing their part to be self-sufficient. Erduran, 2020'ye will continue in the scope of projects will continue to improve the service quality and said the activities will be done.

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