Mechinists relinquish German Railways relieved strike

Machinists give up strike German Railways are relieved: The German Train Machinists Union (GDL) and German Railways (DB) have agreed on basic elements of the tariff structure. GDL sözcüHe announced that they had agreed not to take a quick strike. In its statement, DB announced that GDL and the railway company have achieved results after intense discussions for the future collective agreement. The DB reported that the negotiations were tough due to the demands of GDL and its larger rival union, the Railways and Transport Union (EVG).

Stating that they have been in parallel with the GDL and the EVG, the railway company suggested that both trade unions had complicated the collective bargaining by introducing different demands for the same groups since last summer. Negotiations slowed down as two unions struggled to represent the same groups of workers, trying to maintain parallel talks. . We are grateful to both parties for ending their ongoing debate on the process, ver said Klaus Dauderstaedt, the head of the German Government Officials Association.

GDL, who threatened the strike, accused the WB of failing to return from its promise in the range and not to negotiate independently from the EVG union. The union union, 11, announced in February that the negotiations were unsuccessful and would strike in the coming days. However, GDL President Claus Weselsky stated that they were preparing to strike an hourly 100 strike.

After the decision on the cancellation of the strike, DB Board Member Ulrich Weber informed the German news agency dpa that the agreement was made after the 13 hourly meeting on the weekend and Monday. According to the agreement, collective bargaining negotiations will continue tomorrow. Railway workers who went on strike six times during the negotiations, paralyzed trains throughout Germany, affected about 5,5 million people.



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