FSM Bridge Works Completed

Work on the FSM Bridge Completed: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the work started on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge toll collection system on 25 January 2015 was completed, and the traffic flow on the bridge will return to normal after finishing touches.
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, came to Istanbul. Elvan, 25 January 2015'de Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) fee collection system and the work on the completion of the completion of the bridge after the finishing touches of the traffic flow today will return to normal 16.30'dan said.
Lütfi Elvan stated that the toll booths and box office islands have been removed for free toll collection system within the scope of the works in FSM and emphasized that the work was completed 6 days before the planned.
Minister Elvan pointed out that the works are carried out meticulously for the safety of life and property of the drivers and said that the drivers will have a great ease. Elvan reminded that there are problems in traffic due to the studies and thanked all Istanbul residents for their patience.
With the removal of the blockbusters on the FSM, the drivers will be on the 5 lane road without changing lanes and will enter the bridge, thus avoiding loss of time. With the new arrangement, the vehicles will not have to go to the OGS or HGS transition, but on both lanes, the two systems will have recognition systems.
5 Piece Box office was broken with excavators.
Core drilling holes (10m wide 30m) have been drilled into the concrete slabs in the canopies on the islands.
It was ensured that the plate beams were cut by wire sawing method.
The removal of the reinforced concrete slab beams by means of 100 Ton Crane was carried out.
Plaque beams were crushed on the ground with concrete breaker machines and transported to the dump site.
Two high strength main carrier foot columns and beams were cut to the casting area by cutting them with a wire sawing method.
5 pieces of box office island and 2 pieces of concrete foot foundations were broken and ground level of the asphalt was prepared.
5 During the demolition works in the whole area where the box office island was established, the deterioration of the asphalt surface was repaired and the entire surface was chipped and cleaned with the trimer machine and the asphalt wear layer of the highway main body was made.
All the marking lines on the asphalt surface for the old box office systems were wiped off by the waterjet method and the horizontal and vertical marking for the 5 lane passage under the tails was completed and the highway lane lines were drawn and then made ready for the transition.
During all these studies, the security measures were taken at the highest level and necessary care was taken to prevent the parts of the vehicles that were broken into the environment and traffic.
Obligation to make ribbon preference at fee collection points will be eliminated.
OGS and HGS systems will only charge their subscribers.
The OGS system will detect the escapees for the entire system.
Firstly, the plate of the passing vehicle will be detected by the cameras of the OGS system, if there is an OGS label in the vehicle, it will be charged by the OGS system and HGS system will be charged by the HGS system.
OGS system, the vehicles belonging to the HGS system and vehicles that pass the illegal plate information to the HGS system with the help of a program. Vehicle plate information charged by the HGS system will be registered for the pass-pass application after the vehicle is notified again to the OGS system.



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