Urban transportation caused paralysis in Bursa

Why urban transportation is paralyzed in Bursa: Natural disasters are experienced in every corner of the world. Nature applies different treatment to every inch of land in the world according to the geographical conditions of the main regions.

If Siberia is famous for its cold, Bursa is known with its lodos. Bursa lodos hard work, leaves considerable trace.

I remember the past years, 'lodos, even if the air cleared' We would say. In Bursa, which was heated by coal at that time, the lodos wind was almost air purifying.
However, the severe wind in Bursa for a few days almost paralyzed the city. He blew the trees off the roofs, rolled the masts, and took lives.
The worst part was the fact that the tower crane in the stadium construction was unable to resist the severity of the wind and lined the metro line and the Izmir road.

The wind caused an accident to a taxi driver and affected thousands of people in the city.

After the accident, Bursaray became inoperable. Therefore thousands of people who provided transportation by subway became victims. While speaking with BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, he used a very clear statement. 'The only reason that Bursaray can't work is because the tower crane even falls and even hurts.'

Added; Burs There is no case of Bursaray in stopping the flights. Parts such as flying roofs, advertising signs, etc., were constantly cleaned by our crew. The fact that Bursaray cannot work is caused by the external factor, which is caused by the tower crane whose 10 wind was destroyed in 90. Aray
Bursaray's non-working week-end was not very big but the first working day of the week caused considerable trouble for the city.

It was almost tortured to go from one point to another when citizens who used special tools to go to their jobs contributed to the heavy traffic.
Although the Bursa residents criticized Bursaray and the Metropolitan Municipality, no one should be sorry, but the problem is not in the managers but in the natural disaster.
If the precaution had been taken to prevent the tower from collapsing, neither he would have had an accident nor would he interrupt Bursaray's voyage.

As a result, we have seen that no matter how modern we are, we cannot resist the force of nature. What we need to do is continue our lives more carefully without forgetting.

Source: Erhancem ÖZTÜRK - http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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