Shaded Tunnel is in danger of collapse

Kısıklı Tunnel is facing the danger of collapse: The Kısık (Dılezi) Tunnel, which is located on Yüksekova - Esendere road, is at risk of collapse due to cracks in its walls.
Turkey - located on the Silk Road as a day of intense trade between Iran and thousands of vehicles pass Kısıklı Tunnel, bringing his mouth hearts of those who ride with the vehicle.
While cracks occur in many parts of the tunnel, the snow accumulated on the tunnel also aggravates the burden of the tunnel. Snow melting from the various parts of the wall is leaking, while those who want to pass through the 130 meter-long tunnel to death is nose.
Akpinar Village (Suryan) resident Yuksel Kerman, located at a distance of 2 km from the tunnel, stated that they were forced to go through the tunnel every day and that they were very uneasy; De The 4-5 is in this state for months. 5 months ago The teams attached to the highways exploded the tunnel on the tunnel to break down the tunnel and open new roads. However, although they took over the soil, they did not break the tunnel and did not make a new road. 2 times I made an oral application to the Highways. They said they'd come and examine and take care of it. But they still haven't taken a step. We want the tunnel to be repaired or completely destroyed without a disaster. Bir

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