Stopping the maintenance of the YHT heavy maintenance-repair facility in Eryaman

Stopping the execution of the YHT heavy maintenance and repair facility in Eryaman: The execution of the HSE heavy maintenance repair complex in Eryaman, which would violate the right to live in the healthy environment, was stopped as a result of the lawsuit filed by Eryaman-Der.

The protest against the EIA exemption decision taken in the Fast Train Station Complex project in Ankara Etimesgut yielded results. Ankara 18. The Administrative Court stopped the execution of the planned project on Sugar Land in the case opened by Eryaman Solidarity Youth and Sports Association (Eryaman-Der).

Following the decision to stop the execution Eryaman-Der, although the name im YHT Gar Complex in in the name of the project is a heavy maintenance, repair and repair area, the project both during the construction and operation of the environment in the polluting impact of the environment despite the high environmental law The EIA exemption decision was taken and the construction is underway.

The 153 million-euro project, which was transferred after the privatization of the Ankara Sugar Factory, stated that the 300 would cover a thousand square meters in an area surrounded by housing.

Eryaman people founded by the association and opened the right to live in the environment that expresses the right Eryaman-Der, wanted to stop the construction and all measures taken.

The people of Eryaman carried out an action against the heavy maintenance repair facilities offered at the Gar Complex.


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