Bursa Terminal with 64 Camera

Bursa Terminal terminal with the 64 Camera: In Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Intercity and International Bus Terminal, Buruluş made intensive efforts to catch the airport standards. The result of the follow-up conducted with the 64 camera connected to the Terminal Control Center in January was he gave.
Passenger orientation practices, which have been complained by passengers for years in the terminal and known by names such as “decomposition, footing, baldness”, were terminated with the 'Terminal Control Center' project, in which Burulaş laid the foundations in 2014. With the project, which has been in operation since January, a total of 10 cameras were placed in the terminal, 30 of which are movable and zoomable, high resolution, 24 fixed and 64 automation system. The images were recorded at the Terminal Control Center on a 7/24 basis. The decoyers, who extorted attitudes restricting freedom of travel by trying to force passengers to their platforms and try to cut tickets, were identified one by one. In this way, criminals were imposed by the police and finance teams, both those who determined the restriction of the freedom of passengers and the unfair competition against other companies, and the companies they were affiliated with.
Stating that the technological infrastructure of the terminal has been completely renewed and they use the technological facilities in the best way for customer satisfaction, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy said, “With the support of the Terminal Control Center, Bursa Intercity and International Bus Terminal is a more peaceful and modern turned into a terminal. Again, by the police teams and Finance inspectors, intercity buses are stopped at uncertain time intervals and ticket control is carried out. With this application, the unfair gain made by the people directing the passengers directly to the bus in the area of ​​the platforms or in the interior area is prevented, regardless of any office in the terminal. The companies are satisfied with the prevention of unfair competition as much as the passengers from the application. ”
Underlining that they have carried out innovative and different works in the terminal, Levent Fidansoy said, “We offer free exhibition opportunity for 15 days in our exhibition area in the terminal. Our interested citizens can apply to the Marketing and Passenger Relations Department. ”



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