Beyoğlu tramway to the fabric

Beyoglu tram to the weaving: Last week, we met with journalists at the Weaving Factory and Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü made a statement about the weaving area and announced that they would bring 'Beyoğlu tram' to the entrance of the factory.

The work on the tram starts this week

President Hakan Tütüncü, who explained his thoughts about the weaving area, said: ini We plan to turn one of the buildings into a Toy Museum, and also a transformer building in the garden and we plan to make it into a library. After the 1960s in Antalya, we are creating a collection of some means of transportation that we remember from our childhood in Antalya, but who are now among us and we are opening it to the exhibition. Turkey will bring artistic images from different locations. This is the first time I've said this, we'll bring a Beyoğlu tram here. The work on the tram begins next week, Tram he said.

Weaving Museum

President Tütüncü noted that the weaving factory has become the place of tinerciler because of its negligence and the area has been taken under control by the works of the municipality, and added that they will form a erc Weaving Museum ğ within the Weaving Factory. Tütüncü said, ul When the machines were removed, huge holes were formed and the holes could not be touched due to these holes, and this place became the place of the tinists. The municipality has started construction works, workers are working. These are completely under control. Inside, there are machines covered with nylon, there is a situation about these machines; 'All of these buildings began to collapse. The items inside were put in a hangar. Protection of these buildings can not destroy these buildings in the hangar'da said, the company that buys scrap vehicles, 20 machine has been released. We want to do a weaving museum, here we revive the countertop of the cotton yarn, and then we will try to put out a mise en that turns back to the fabric, Bir he said.

'N I care about the opinion of the City Council “

President Tütüncü made clear his criticism about the fact that the President of City Council Semanur Kurt had not been taken into the Weaving working group in the past weeks, ütün We followed the process of this working commission very sensitive, for the works related to architecture, the Chamber of Architects, We invited the Chamber of Engineers. We invited the Chamber of Landscape Architects for landscaping. We are open to many different segments of society and we care about the opinion of each institution. In this sense, we will take the opinions and thoughts of the City Council. Their efforts are very important to us. I also care very much about their opinion. Onların

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