Railway Pass Through Tut County

Let the Railway Pass through the District of Tut: Adiyaman's Mayor of the District Cemal Avci, the government's 2023 target Golbasi-Adiyaman Railway line wanted to pass through Tut district.

After the government officials announced that the Gölbaşı-Adıyaman Railway line project was among the 2023 targets, a different proposal came from Tut Mayor Cemal Avcı. Mayor Cemal Avci, Gölbaşı-Adıyaman railway crossing the district of Tut will be more attractive in terms of public interest, he said.

Cemal Avcı said, m Construction of the planned railway from Gölbaşı Harmanlı-Tut-Adıyaman line will shorten 20 kilometers and reduce the cost by 30. The fact that most of the land on the route on which the railway line will pass will be public land will significantly reduce the cost of expropriation. On the other hand, shortening of the road is also a contribution. We expect state officials and politicians to do their part. The passage of the railway through our district is also very important for our district. The railway, which will strengthen the socio-economic structure of our district, which emits young population migration every year, will be beneficial for both the state and the nation. ”

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