Mountaineers camped in Konaklı minus 20

Climbers camped at minus 20 degrees in Konaklı: The Winter Mountaineering Development Training camp began in Erzurum Konakli Ski Mountaineering Federation organized by Turkey. Climbers struggle at Minus 20 Degrees to succeed in the training camp.

The traditional Winter Development Training Camp of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation started in Erzurum's Konaklı Ski Center. Mountaineers try to adapt to the winter conditions in igloo houses in the cold that reaches minus 20 degrees at night. The Winter Training Camp, attended by 53 mountaineers from 77 mountaineering clubs from Turkey, will last 7 days. Athletes who are successful in the camp are entitled to participate in the next camp. kazanHowever, unsuccessful climbers will only be able to join the upper camp by their own means.


Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil visited the Mountaineering Winter Development Training Camp and sohbet did. Taşkesenligil, who received information from the camp officials and provincial representative Erdal Emeç, was served soup in the igloo house made of snow. Stating that he was very pleased to visit the Mountaineering Winter Development Training Camp, he said, “We learned how to survive in iglo houses in winter conditions, albeit for a short time here. I wish success to all my mountaineers in the camp, ”he said.

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