Lawsuit for Crash of Overpass

In Avcılar, the death of 1 person as a result of the collapse of the pedestrian overpass hit by the opened tipper of the tanker and the injury of 2 people, including 4 suspects, including the tanker driver, for the offense of 'causing the death or injury of more than one person by negligence' with a sentence of imprisonment from 4 to 22,5 years. lawsuit was filed.

In the indictment prepared by the Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the suspect EC was the truck driver, with waste sludge filled in the Silobas tanker plate with 3 GF 2014 on September 34, 8828, on the way from Ataköy to Büyükçekmece, after passing the Avcılar metrobus stop, the pedestrian overpass, known as the İGS overpass, It was explained that the tanker tipper opened when it approached.

It was reported that the dumper struck the road signs before the driver continued, and the dumper hit the pedestrian overpass.

In the indictment, it was stated that the pedestrian overpass, which was made entirely of steel, fell on the highway due to the impact, the minibus passing by during the incident and the truck were under the overpass, and YK in the minibus died in the incident.

Using the overpass during the event, Ş.Z. and SY were also injured in the indictment, 'Separate expert reports were received from the civil and mechanical engineers regarding the incidents. In the reports received, the truck driver EC, drawing the project of the overpass, Emay Mühendislik Ltd. Şti, Nas İnşaat Tic. AŞ and Özyurt Maden İnşaat AŞ consortium and the officials of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who are primarily responsible for the overpass, were found to be at fault '.

In line with the expert reports received, the company's general manager MK on behalf of Emay Mühendislik, which drew the project of the overpass, the coordinator of this project was the engineer BD and Nas İnşaat Tic. AŞ and Özyurt Maden İnşaat AŞ consortium site chief engineer T.Ö. was told that they were at fault.

The indictment, the case of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality authorities who found the case of the investigation file about the separation of the investigation was reported to continue.

'Bridge connecting bolts are weak and not well connected'

It was stated that the truck driver EC proceeded with the vehicle with the damper lifted, did not stop the vehicle even though it hit the roadside signs before it hit the overpass, and it was understood that the incident took place and it was understood that he acted with deliberate negligence even though he did not want the result that he could foresee as the driver.

In the indictment, which emphasized that although it is a preferred construction system in the world because it is 5 to 10 times lighter, safe and comfortable than reinforced concrete structures, it was determined that only the top plate of the steel bridge and the bridge steel beams fell as a whole at the time of impact. It was concluded and concluded that it was manufactured in compliance with the stipulated technical specifications and the properties of the stable steel structures, that the bridge connection bolts were weak and not well connected, and therefore the actions of other suspects should be evaluated as deliberate negligence of the same nature.

In the indictment, the suspects are EC, MK, BD and T.Ö. He was asked to be sentenced from 4 years to 22,5 years in prison for 'causing death or injury of more than one person by negligence'. The hearing of the case will be held at the Bakırköy 16th High Criminal Court.



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