Hundreds of Millions of People Into Flocked to Trains (Photo Gallery)

Hundreds of Millions of People Flocked to Trains in China: With the return of hundreds of millions of people from the regions where they worked to celebrate the Spring Festival (Çuncie) in China, the "world's greatest migration" began.

According to the traditional lunar calendar, it is expected that 19 billion 40 million travels will be made during the 2-day holiday season traffic (Çunyün) in the country where the "Year of the Sheep" will be entered, leaving behind the "Year of the Snake" on February 800. The number of domestic travels increases by an average of 200 million in this period each year compared to the previous year.

The world's most populous country in China due to the Spring Day, a big hurry to cover, hundreds of millions of people from towns and villages to work in the city center, their families left to visit their homes to visit.

The most important means of transport in China, with a population of 1 billion 350 million, the train remains the most preferred vehicle of the people.

The Ministry of Railways stated that the number of people traveling by trains during "Çunyün" will reach 10 million, an increase of 289 percent compared to last year.

Millions of Chinese who have had the excitement of returning to their homes and their families for a year are causing a great deal of concentration in Shanghai Hongchiao and Beijing Central train stations.

With the widespread sale of train tickets over the Internet, this year, it is observed that there are no crowds in front of the toll booths at the stations, while the people flock to the stations like "ants bringing food to their nests" as the Chinese say.

Airline is more preferred than last years

On the other hand, it is stated that there is an 8% increase in the number of air travels in the "large migration" in the country compared to last year. In the country where 47,5 million people will travel during the holiday this year, the fact that airline tickets are cheaper than normal with the airline companies deducting the additional fuel cost on the tickets plays an important role in the increase in the number of people who prefer this type of travel.

22 million 5 thousand people are expected to travel by train in Shanghai, which has 100 million people, which is one of the biggest cities of China. A rare crowd is seen at Hongçiao Train Station, one of the biggest train stations in the city.

"Expatriate" named Hua Ye, who came to his country from New Zealand, where he lived for 15 years, and went to visit his family in the northern Chinese state of Shandong, said he was very excited and happy.

Saying that "Spring Festival is the most special time of the year for us", Hua said that the apocalyptic crowd, which he encountered in his country after many years, means the remembrance of the values ​​forgotten for him.

It is also expressed as the biggest human movement in the modern world, in which the people go to their hometowns in the country where it is one of the most important traditions of entering the Chinese new year with all the family members.

The official Spring Feast holiday in China, 18 will start in February and will last for 7 days. However, the public, with the preparations for the feast of relatives and friends, taking additional permits before and after the holiday usually extends this period.

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