4 of China railway shares rise. on the day

4 of China railway shares rise. On the day of the report: Chinese shares pushed the rise to the fourth day as earnings in the shares of telephones and rail suppress losses in financial stocks.

Chinese shares pushed the rise to the fourth day, with earnings in telephones and rail shares suppressing losses in financial stocks.

The telephone operator is China United Network Communications Ltd. It gained 10 percent value. Train manufacturers CSR Corp. and China CNR Corp. rose over 7 percent. Beingmate Baby & Child Food Co. increased 5.7 percent on Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd.'s plans to acquire a stake in the company. Citic Securities Co. lost 1.1 percent, leading to a decline in financial stocks.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.7 percent after a 0.3 percent decline to 13 points at 46:3,166.81 local time. The trading volume in the index was 30 percent below the average of the last 41 days. Starting from February 18, Chinese markets will remain closed for a week due to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Hong Kong Hang Seng China Enterprises Index increased 1.1 percentage, while XI XXXI Index increased 300 percentage. Hang Seng Index 0.2 advanced.



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