China-European Railway re-on the agenda

China-European Railway is on the agenda again: Tourism mobility methods in the world 19. From the end of the century until the present day did not show a serious change. In general, we are far behind a qualitative change, and our foresight is 19. It is far away from creativity and innovation as it is done by looking at the tourism of the century. Though, now 21. In the 18th century we are going faster and we are staying in better conditions, new destinations have emerged and we get better service in these destinations. 19. In the 19th century, people were going to thermals, playing golf and staying in hotels. There was a tourism movement from north to south. Venice, Paris, London were popular, still popular. Well, 21. How are changes expected in tourism in the second half of the century?

Wuhan-Lodz Freight Transport

A freight train departing from Wuhan, one of the major cities of central China, to Lodz, Poland's industrial center, will perhaps lead to a significant revolution in 21st century tourism. After a 15-day journey, the freight train reaches Lodz by using the Silk Road route, crossing the important centers of central and North West China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. According to Wuhan Taşımacılık officials, the journey is 1 month shorter than sea transportation and the cost is one-fifth of sea transportation. It is said that the new line will increase the competitiveness of the export products of Wuhan and its surrounding regions and will provide a significant improvement to China's regional development plans.

From Cargo Train to Passenger Train.

Well, if we are carrying cargo, can't we carry passengers? Of course it does move. It is possible to bring the crowded population of Central China to the traditional tourist attraction centers of Europe. In doing so, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the Chinese economy. Profit margins and worker wages are very low in these factories. Workers, such as those working in our construction industry, stay in barracks near factories, eat their meals from caravans, and generally do not leave their work areas. The electronic products manufactured by these workers for Apple, Sony and Nokia are transported in freight cars. In the future, these workers may move themselves. For this, it is necessary to use advanced railway technology, to overcome security problems and to increase the speed of high-speed trains. This freight train takes the first step of the dream of reaching Europe, which is one of the most curious and wanted destinations by China's crowded population, in a short time with long train trains. When the technical problems are overcome and the Wuhan-Xijiang railway starts to operate at full capacity, it would not be wrong to foresee that this journey will be made with technological and safe trains, which will be developed by the giant high-speed train companies of China, after freight transportation.

Contribution to the Global Economy

Currently, there are three different standards in the railway that extends to Lodz. China's own railway standard, the railway standard of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus from the former USSR, and the EU railway standard achieved by the renewed railways after Poland joined the EU in 2007. The conversion of these 3 separate railway standards to a single standard suitable for high-speed trains and the construction and operation of railways, trains and wagons with additional structures such as tunnels, bridges and viaducts will not only contribute to the economies of these countries, but will provide a significant improvement in the global economy. The construction and maintenance of a 15.000-kilometer high-speed rail line starting from the eastern coast of China and crossing all of China, connecting the lines of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Portugal at the farthest point in the south-west of Europe could bring huge revenue to the global economy. . It is not a dream for millions of Chinese workers to go on city trips to Moscow, Minsk, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Rome, or sea, sun and sand holidays to Málaga and Barcelona.

1 Million per year, 10 10 Million Chinese Tourist per year

Today, the dream of transporting tourists from China to Europe by rail reminded me of an article I wrote years ago. TÜRSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Association) president Mr. Basaran Ulusoy said annually in a statement he made in 2001 to 1 million and to bring the 10-year 10 million Chinese tourists would do a convenience to government agencies, it is also imaginable that in a commentary, I argued that such a thing is not possible . I am talking about the government, ministries, General Staff, etc., he handed out a "carrot" to the agents so that a tourist would come if he allowed China to pass a scrap aircraft carrier through the straits. Our Black Sea president had promised that he would bring Chinese tourists to his members and other tourism professionals on the promise of the state. Let's recall the incident briefly: Years ago, China bought a USSR-made aircraft carrier named Varyag from Ukraine claiming to be "scrap". USSR winning money on the legacy of the Russian and Ukrainian in the passage of the throat that ships sold to China by oligarch has not only caused a crisis between Turkey and China, which determines the transition conditions of the Straits Montreux Straits had given birth to the as the result of a breach by Turkey Convention. turned into casinos of China's millions of dollars in bribes distributing and aircraft carriers will stop at a fixed port, tourism will make an investment and transitional provisions of the Straits created public with the promise China will send 1 million tourists every year to Turkey this "scrap" the transition from throat was provided. This ship is now in the inventory of the Chinese army under the name of Liaoning as China's only aircraft carrier and provides China with a great weapon advantage in the region. There is neither a casino nor a million tourists.

1 10 544.805 per year XNUMX XNUMX per year

The promises given to this ship, which provides China with a great weapon advantage, in exchange for crossing the Straits have been a dream. First, the ship was transformed into one of the most advanced aircraft carriers in the world, and instead of peace and friendship at sea, it became one of the elements that threaten world peace as an instrument of war and arms race. Secondly, we have hosted 1 Chinese tourists in 10 years instead of 10 million Chinese tourists from 10 million a year to 544.805 years. Well, how many tourists go abroad from China annually? 80 million, yes you did not read it wrong, 80 million Chinese go abroad for vacations a year. 10% of these come to Europe. Britain, the Netherlands, France and Spain take a large part of this number. The steady increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Europe for vacation and technological developments show that the long-distance transportation of the 21st century will not be with expensive and small number of passengers, but cheap and high-speed trains with a high speed of 700-800 kilometers per hour.



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