China also exports high-speed trains to the US

China also exports high-speed trains to the USA: China's train wagons and equipment exports increased by 2014 percent in 22 compared to the previous year, while the exported countries include the USA as well as Africa, European countries…

Over the past year in China, the railway infrastructure and equipment exports increased significantly. Chinese companies' sales abroad totaled 2104 billion yuan (approximately 26.77 billion TL) in 10.5, while 22 increased compared to the previous year.

The country, which wants to be decisive especially in the high-speed train infrastructure and standards, will give producers the state support to expand their global sales channels and strengthen their local connections.

Chinese producers have been involved in projects in different countries and regions, including South Asia and Middle East countries, as well as Argentina, Australia and the United States.

The two state-owned partnerships, which were recently merged under a single roof, are undertaken by the China North Railway Company and the China South Railway Company.

The latest example of China's export of high-speed trains and train equipment to other countries is the North China Locomotive Company's in Boston, USA. kazanThe tender for the metro wagon worth 659 million dollars (1 billion 650 million liras) was awarded. The same company will also make 232 diesel locomotives for South Africa. In both projects, it is expected to establish assembly facilities in the respective countries and to benefit from the local workforce.

China's China Export-Import Bank's Li Wen said 35 will provide 13 billion dollars (32,5 billion pounds) credit support to Chinese companies for its separate metro, high-speed and normal train line construction and equipment procurement project. These include the high-speed train project planned to be built in the US state of California.

The merger of North China and South China Locomotives in the country's two major railway manufacturing companies last month is considered to be a major step towards success in overseas tenders.

China intends to increase its export potential in Europe with the sea-rail-port connection it is planning to form jointly with the Balkan countries.

With the project signed in Belgrade last month, a railway transport link will be established in Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

The connection from Budapest will be connected to Athens via Skopje, Skopje and one of the largest container ports in Europe, the port of Piraeus. The project is expected to be completed in 2017.

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