Channel Istanbul Bülent Ersoyu to richer

Channel Istanbul Bülent Ersoyu will make rich: Channel Istanbul construction will start with the most profitable Bülent Ersoy allegedly will work.

Because it turned out that Bülent Ersoy's urban legacy was real.

Turkey Construction Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association Chairman Halil Tamer Öztoyg is, "among business machines sold in Southeast happening who moved to northern Iraq. That's why there's a problem with insurance.

However, there is no credit opening, Ancak he said. Noting that Turkey 130 thousand dollars at the average price of the monthly rental of excavators, which starts at 10 thousand pounds Öztoyg, "the same machine rental of Arbil and Kirkuk becomes 10 thousand dollars," he said.


In Turkey the Öztoyg said xnumx't to 2014 11 thousand machines were sold, "the machine will start with a thousand 500 500 thousand in Istanbul if the channel construction started. This changes all accounts in the market, Bu he said. Öztoygar said, UM The State Materials Office had bought 2 units at 2013. It is projected to be a thousand 630 this year öngörül.


Reminding that Bülent Ersoy invested heavily in business machines and rented them on a regular basis, Öztoygar said, ı Bülent Ersoy's investment is not an urban legend. I've never heard of it before, but in the past it was known in the industry, which I prefered to buy from a company in particular Bu.

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