Request for Review for CemalPaşa Bridge

Review request for CemalPaşa Bridge: Cemalpaşa bridge on the Savrun stream, which was started to be built in 1910, has been damaged due to the floods and floods due to the climatic conditions.
The bridge, which was rebuilt with the help of the Kadirli people, was completely destroyed in 1961 and its bridge was built and put into use instead.
A review of the remains of the historic bridge and the materials used, a preliminary determination study of the historical bridge was carried out with the teams coming to our district governor's office requesting the reconstruction of the historical bridge.
Our related district governor, Mr. Muhittin Pamuk, “The commission from the Regional Directorate of Highways reached the remains of the stone bridge upon our request for an investigation regarding the historical Taşköprü (Cemal Pasha), which was built in 1910 and was destroyed due to the flood in 1961.
We conveyed our request to the delegation for the rebuilding of the archaeological bridge. I would like to thank Dear Governor Kerem Al and our dear Deputy Durdu Mehmet Kastal for their support. I hope it will be auspicious.


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