The car crashed in Kirikkaya

The car hit the Kirikkale: Kirikkale, Bahşılı district of the town of Hüseyinonbaşı an accident occurred between the TOKİ houses on the train line. The train was hit by a train car carrying the crop at the refinery train line.

According to information obtained from the 26 wagon train carrying the processed oil product passing through the level crossing the 06 BG 2660 plate collided with the car. In the accident, where the car was heavily damaged, the driver survived the injury. The people gathered at the scene reacted by saying that there are continuous accidents occurring due to the fact that the railway tracks are passing through the district because of the lack of barriers and signaling. With the aid of people and police officers, the train was moved to the side of the scene where public security teams took wide measures. Well-known security teams have launched a large-scale investigation into the incident.

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