Button pressed for transportation problem

For the transportation problem of Düzce, the button was pressed: President Keleş sat at the table with transportation experts from Japan, Austria and IETT General Directorate. The delegation will work for a week to make alternative transportation facilities and existing transportation axles more convenient in Düzce.
Duzce's rapidly growing and developing urban identity in proportion to the increasing transportation problem in the direction of Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, took action.

Prof. Keleş, Vice Presidents Ali Güney, Murat Caymaz, Transportation Manager Murat Gülmez, as well as from Japan. Dr. Shigoru Kakumoto, Transportation Specialist George Fuahshuber from Austria, Transportation Specialists from IETT General Directorate Meryem Dilara Irmak, Esra Ergin, Basak Avci and Humeyra Balta sat down at the table to look for a solution to the transportation problem.

With a delegation from Düzce, a new perspective will be brought to the problem of transportation that the President Keles, a month and a half since the important studies carried out by the Municipality of Düzce said.

Mayor Keleş said, “The city geography of Düzce is growing rapidly. In direct proportion to this, the need for expansion in the transportation network arises. Nearly 30 villages were included in Düzce Municipality. All these innovations bring the need to have a more perfect transportation network. With this meeting, we have given a completely different momentum to our ongoing work on transportation for a month and a half. kazanwe will go. The delegation, which will stay in Düzce for a week, will work on different modes of transportation that may be suitable for Düzce. Can a rail system be applied in Düzce? Can a trolleybus be considered for Düzce? They will seek answers to the questions of whether transportation between Düzce and Permanent Residences can be provided with the metrobus, which is expressed as the rubber-wheeled metro.

President Keles, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications with the results of the meetings held with the result of a shorter distance from Ankara to Istanbul Duzce, he noted.

President Keleş said, “Our Honorable President said that the last stop of Marmaray would be Düzce. We know that the high-speed train line passes very close to Düzce. We are in talks with our Ministry of Transport for the high-speed train line to cover Düzce and Bolu as well. If we can reach this goal, Düzce will be as close as a bird's flight to Ankara and Istanbul. An airport to Düzce recently kazanIt may also be possible to climb,” he said.

The delegation of transportation experts will conduct various investigations in Düzce for the purpose of making alternative transportation possibilities and existing transportation axles available for a week.

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