BURULAS will organize ferry service at Iznik Lake

BURULAS will organize ferry service in Iznik Lake: BURULAS General Manager Fidansoy stated that the project of Iznik Municipality has been accepted and tourism and travel ferry service will be done in Iznik Lake.

Osman Sargin Iznik Mayor visited in his office Bursa Transport and Public Transport Administration (BURULAŞ) General Manager Levent Fidansoy, tourism and travel voyage scheduled at Iznik Lake announced.

President Sarın, who made statements to the press in the region where the ferry port will be constructed, said that there will be a ferry service for tourism and travel in İznik.

In the place we call the boathouse facilities in İznik, a pier, Boyalıca, Orhangazi and Göllüce or a pier in the Mushkule with the four piers to the ferry service will be done President Sarın said, ele These ferry service will also be for tourism and entertainment purposes. I hope that we will try to raise this service this summer and our citizens will start to benefit from these services. The capital of Iznik civilizations, the capital of Iznik history, the capital of Iznik nature and geography, such an activity in the lake of such beauties would be worthy of İz.

In this sense, President Sarın said that he had invited all the people of the world to Iznik.

I Iznik is a capital of Bitinya, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. Iznik is the capital of history. You can see Bitinya, Roma, Seljuks and the Ottomans every five minutes with the walking steps in Iznik. At the same time, Iznik is a very important place in terms of religions. Hagia Sophia is an important center for the Christian world in this sense we want to bring all of İznik to tourism and we invite all the people of the world to İznik. Let us live together with the history of Iznik, let's remember the past together, let's benefit from all the beauty of İznik. I am greeting all the people of the world as mayor Iznik is your city. We invite entrepreneurs who want to make tourism investments in İznik and we are ready to give infrastructure support to all those who want to invest in İznik Municipality '

BURULAS General Manager Fidansoy said that the project of the Municipality of Iznik and Iznik Lake will be done for tourism and travel voyage services said. President Sargın to the project because of their support for the plate of tiles gave Fidansoy'a.

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