BURULAŞ is 17 Years Old: BURULAŞ, which started serving Bursa citizens 17 years ago in urban public transportation and became a brand in its field by adding rail systems, air and sea transportation to its service network, celebrated its 17th birthday with its employees.

BURULAŞ, which provides services to the locals in terms of comfortable transportation with rail, bus and tram in the city, is experiencing the joy of celebrating the 17 year. 17 years, we offer innovative solutions that integrate with quality service BURULAŞ, becoming one of Europe's companies, while brand model in Turkey in the field is moving a step further every year.

In Turkey many firsts that underlines thrown BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, "especially the advances made in recent years, wheeled in addition to public transport and rail systems, we are proud to bring to Bursa many transportation alternatives," he said. Fidansoy stated that they offer comfortable transportation to the passengers with yellow and yellow white buses from the urban transportation vehicles. I Between the east and west sides of the city, the shuttle is touched by Bursaray. Turkey's first domestic production of trams in the city center with the Silkworm is an important alternative kazandırılırken transportation, nostalgic tram was Davutka Cumhuriyet Caddesi-connected. Bursa, especially Istanbul, connecting to many points of sea and air transportation, BURULAS, in addition to these works, air transport has become a shining star with innovative solutions in the air transport '' he said.

Many innovative solutions and high-quality service at the age of BURULAŞ, will continue to provide passengers expressing Fidansoy, "This point, we have contributed to the BURULAŞ family and I would like to thank the passengers who support us," he said.



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