Pay attention to the death road in Bursa

Pay attention to the death road in Bursa: Despite the overpass built by the Highways on the İnegöl-Bursa highway, some citizens used the highway again to pass the Huzur District, causing an accident.
Overpass successive and injured accidents after the overpass in the region is made, despite the overpass the citizens, while crossing the road still continues to use the intercity highway.
This situation endangered the flow of traffic, the old man trying to cross the street last week, the car died as a result of the crash, the same day the same place again occurred in the accident.
In the accident that took place today, Nafiz Harman (30), who came to İnegöl from the district of Horasan in Erzurum to visit relatives, while trying to pass to Huzur District with his relative, the driver who was traveling from Bursa to İnegöl was under the management of MP 23 the car crashed into Harman. The pedestrian hit by the car fell on the asphalt ground and was seriously injured.
Harman was taken to a passing private vehicle and brought to İnegöl State Hospital Emergency Service and treated. It was reported that the seriousness of the health condition of the injured was maintained. During the accident, Nafiz Harman and his relative, who was crossing the street, narrowly escaped the accident without injury. It is reported that the investigation into the accident is continuing.



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