Duel and Rice Bridge Demolition in Burhaniye

Demolition of Dualı and Pilavlı Bridges in Burhaniye: As the demolition started for the renewal of the 70-year-old bridge that connects the district to Küçük Sanayi Sitesi and Cumhuriyet District in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir, the municipality offered rice to hundreds of citizens with prayers. While the municipality started the work of paving stone on Sanayi Street in the same neighborhood, the works made the citizens happy.
In Burhaniye, demolition work was initiated for the renovation of the 70 annual bridge on Karince River, one of the two bridges connecting Cumhuriyet district and Small Industrial Site. In the meantime, the paving stone pavement work on the industrial street, the municipality, the entrance of the neighborhood of the Republic did a good pilaf. After the prayer made by the mufti Oguz Metin, hundreds of citizens were served meat and rice with fried rice and buttermilk. Mayor Necdet Uysal thanked the participants and said, lem Today we prayed for the construction of the bridge at the entrance of the Cumhuriyet district. We started the construction of the industrial street in our Cumhuriyet neighborhood. Hopefully, after this Melih Pabuçcuoğlu Bulvarı, we prepared the project from the bridge up to the Kavvayi Milliye memorial. In their place of application, we started to work to make the entrance of Burhaniye, our industrial street, and our bridge to be suitable for our Burhaniye. . For this, we prayed here we have arranged a prayer of rice. The weather is quite cold. But, thanks to our people, they didn't leave us alone. I would like to thank all of them very separately. Hep Ramazan Gürlen, the former headman of the Cumhuriyet district, said, Gür Half of our bridges were collapsed. He's doing it, Mr. President. I'm going to make the paving stone. It will be a beautiful thing, Güzel he said. Yusuf Karakocalı, the headman of the Cumhuriyet district, said, ı The work started on our old bridge. The new bridge will be built. We have started to work on our industrial way. We thank the mayor. Belediye


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