Great Road Break in Izmir (Photo Gallery)

Great Highway Move in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, home to the Valley of Homer in Bornova, which also includes Meles. Bayraklı It completes the last link of the transportation axis that will meet the shores. Thanks to Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Interchange, the construction work of which has started, Bayraklı and Bornova districts will be directly connected to Altınyol. The project will cost 22.5 million liras.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the name of the famous Homer, the author of the Iliad and Odysseia epics, provides the valley in Bornova, which allows the passage to the Meles delta. Bayraklı It came to the final stage of the axle, which brought the coasts of Altınyol together. It has been reported that Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Intersection, whose construction work has started, will significantly ease the traffic in the region in question. Bridge crossing, passing through Homer Valley, Bornova Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street and Smyrna Square; Bayraklı It will be the last link of the axle to descend to Altinyol shores. Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Intersection, which will be realized with a total cost of 22.5 million TL, will be completed in approximately 1 year.
Adnan Kahveci Interchange
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which provides uninterrupted transportation in many key points of the city, with its highway bridge junctions and highway underpasses, Bayraklı and “Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Junction”, which will facilitate transportation to Bornova districts, are also brought to the city.
According to the project, it is presently connecting the Smyrna Square to Anadolu Street. Bayraklı The part of Adnan Kahveci Junction after the railway crossing will be renewed and will be extended to Altınyol by bridges. Thus, Konak and Konak Karşıyaka Vehicles from the direction, Nur Sultan Azerbaijan Boulevard, Smyrna Square, Manas Boulevard and Captain Ibrahim Hakkı Street can reach all the way to the Bornova and Homer Valley.
Thanks to the new junction, Bornova and Bayraklı from the direction (via Smyrna Square) Konak and Karşıyakaor through Altınyol will provide uninterrupted connection. Within the scope of the tender, 1.5 will be built near the kilometer and crossroads of 7 thousand 900 square meters.
Seamless transport to the sea
The region in Bornova, which is assumed to be home to Homeros, also known as “Melesigenes”, the son of Meles in history, has been offered to the service of Izmir people since 2008 with the project of “Homeros Valley” of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Ponds, picnic areas, new roads and parking areas were created along the 7 kilometer-long Homer Valley, which the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu called simge the project of iconic history of Izmir city ”. The Homer Valley was further expanded in 2010, increasing the green fields with thousands of trees and plants planted.
In order to facilitate access to the recreation area created in the valley, the existing asphalt road to Kayadibi village, 9 kilometers away from the center of Bornova, was expanded. Again, a new road has been opened in connection with the region where the cave, narrated by Homer, from the recreation area.
Later, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality established a new and important artery extending from Bornova Ankara Street to Smyrna Square and Atatürk Neighborhood Yavuz Street, which became operational in 2009, and made connection with the second part of Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street. . With the completion of the second part of Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, which was included in the Bornova Zoning Plan approved by the Ministry of Development and Settlement for the first time in a year, Bornova gained a new transportation axis.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which also took action for the connection of Istanbul Street (Manisa road) of Bornova Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, which it opened in 2 stages, Bayraklı As a continuous boulevard, starting from Smyrna Square to Bornova Ring Road Junction, it has pressed the button for the third part of the road, which has an important function in urban transportation, and continues its works rapidly. In this context, starting from the intersection of 528 Street and 467 Street, the new zoning road to be opened in front of Malazgirt Primary Education will be connected to Istanbul Street.
With the completion of the axis, the drivers who will set off from Homer Valley follow Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to Smyrna Square, and from there, Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Intersection Bayraklı It will descend to Altinyol shores; It will reach Meles.



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