Winter fun for the children of the neighborhood

Winter fun from the female headman to the neighborhood children: Kayseri Kocasinan district Seyrani Mahallesi headman Gülten Özdemir took the children of the neighborhood residents who went on a half-year vacation to the Erciyes Mountain Ski and Winter Sports Center with their mothers. Muhtar Özdemir said, “I promised that I will take the students who are successful in their schools to enter the Erciyes Ski Center as a gift of a report if they receive appreciation and thanks. I fulfilled this promise.” said.

Children in the morning with their mothers in front of the village headman, around 200 people in the center of Erciyes Ski Center with buses. The entertainments, which begin with the games and the songs, continue throughout the journey within the bus. In Erciyes Ski Center, they listened to the music accompanied by the DJ with the music set up for the excursion, sang songs, danced with the rails, and the riders prepared with the help of Gülten Özdemir. As a meal, the headman, Özdemir, served sausage-bread and drinks to the children and their mothers.

Children and their mothers having fun with various activities throughout the day moved to Seyrani Mahallesi with buses in the evening. The children and their mothers who got out of the vehicle in front of the headman stated that they wanted to meet their new friends. Some mothers, who stated that they went to Erciyes Ski Center for the first time in their lives, thanked to the headmaster Gülten Özdemir for the happiness that they experienced such an emotion. The children who took a souvenir photo together, cheered 'You are one of them, Gülten, our neighborhood'.

Gülten Özdemir, headman of the Seyrani District of Kocasinan district; He stated that after he had been a headman, he organized many activities up to now, and that they made a significant part of these activities for children and young people. Özdemir said, “As a gift of report cards to children who achieved success in their schools, we organized entertainment in Erciyes Ski Center and organized various activities. Our aim is to contribute to the development of the social relations of our neighborhood people with each other through such activities. If children meet each other, their mothers will also meet. Mothers also introduce fathers. Neighborhood residents who meet and meet each other create a peaceful environment. On this occasion, I would be happy if we could add some color to the calmer, peaceful and social life of our neighborhood. ” said.