Consulate General of Batumi received information about Hopa-Batumi railway project

📩 01/12/2018 17:11

Batumi Consul General in Hopa-Batumi received information about the railway project: Turkey Batumi Consul General Yasin James Smith and Commercial Attache Michael Develioğlu, Artvin, Hopa Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry (TSO) held talks by visiting. The guests received information about the Hopa-Batum railway project, the organized industrial zone and the work on cruise tourism.

At the meeting held at TSO, Hopa TSO Chairman of the Board Osman Akyürek, Hopaport General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer, Atilla Yıldıztekin, who is acting as a consultant, and Hopa Port Accounting Manager Oğuz Çapkınoğlu, were present. First, information was shared about the stages Hopa-Batumi Railway Project has reached. Hopaport consultant Yıldıztekin, "is sufficiently clear that the development of railway lines in Turkey. Hopa-Batum Railway Project will be an extremely important work in this sense. The northeast of the country has been deprived of the rail network. Connecting Hopa to Batumi and beyond with this project means opening a very important corridor. Feasibility studies initiated by TCDD, taking into account the cost-benefit analysis are extremely important. said.

TSO President Osman Akyürek gave information about the studies carried out on this subject. Akyürek said, “Not only us but also Batumi have very important responsibilities in these works. This project should be well explained to them so that they fulfill their responsibilities as soon as possible. " He spoke in the form.

Temizkan, who took notes on the railway project, stated that the works carried out were closely monitored and that they were under the command of Hopa as the Consulate, and that they would do their part for carrying out the necessary works and contacts.

Cruise tourism was also discussed and assessments were made. Speaking on the subject, Özer emphasized that especially the Black Sea Region has increased its share in this form of tourism in recent years. Hope and neighborhoods that have the potential of cruise tourism is much to be done but expressing Ozer, Turkey Cruise Platform also said that support themselves until the end.

Speaking about the OIZ, Akyürek made some references from the contacts he held in Ankara. He stated that a delegation within the body of TCDD will come to Kemalpaşa and make on-site inspections. Akyürek said, “Our insistence on OIZ will definitely continue. We managed to overcome the problem we had about the land as a result of the applications we made to the relevant places. We are in an extremely important place in the logistics sector, so OSB will add a lot to us. " used the expression.


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