President Polat We Continue Without Breaking Our Works

President Polat We continue our work without taking a break: Yeşilyurt Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, the ongoing cemetery maintenance work in the Sütlüce neighborhood and the Gökftla-Kırkpınar neighborhood between the studies on the road of a study of the study.
Yesilyurt Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat who gave great importance to the field studies of the Municipality of Yeşilyurt, accompanied by Deputy Mayor Mehmet Çınar and Sütlüce neighborhood cemetery maintenance studies on the site to get information from employees.
Making an assessment during the examinations, Pola said, “With the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the maintenance of the cemeteries in rural neighborhoods was given to the district municipalities. In this context, as Yeşilyurt Municipality, we clean the cemeteries with the cooperation of our Cleaning Works Directorate, the Directorate of Parks and Gardens and our Directorate of Science Affairs. We have also started planting trees in our cemeteries. Today, our friends cleaned the cemetery of our Sütlüce neighborhood. Our teams are currently doing the pruning of the trees. We also visited our friends and wanted to see the work done on site. I hope we will maintain all of our cemeteries in all rural neighborhoods ”.
Mayor Polat, who also examined the reinforcement road works between Göktarla and Kırkpınar neighborhoods after the investigations in the Sütlüce District and received information about the works from the Yeşilyurt Municipality teams, said, “Winter months are a period when asphalt works pause. The cooling of the air limited our asphalt production. However, we continued our efforts without interruption by concentrating on the efforts to cause this process to be sold. In December, January and February, we carried out very intensive stabilization works in Dilek, Tohma, Samanlı, Kırkpınar and these regions. Now our teams are making this connection road. Of course, with the spring, our efforts to lead to reinforcement will slow down, but this time we will quickly carry out asphalt works. "I wish the new connection road and the work done will be beneficial," he said.

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