Tram stress in bars

Tram stress in bars: After the announcement of the route in the tram project prepared by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the realization of the project, unrest began especially in Şahabettin Bilgisu Street. While it is claimed that the buildings to be expropriated for the tram are not clearly explained, the Bars Region around Asia is under great stress these days.

The project is very useful for the people on behalf of the project, voicing that they do not oppose the business owners, karşı Which buildings in this region will be demolished. Which of our workplaces is going to hit the lottery. No information is given to us. No one should be victimized in this region. In the expropriation, the owners will get the price, but what the fate of the operators will be. Kamu

The hotel is located in the Asia region of various sizes 70 business. Hotels, bars, restaurants, tea stoves, kiosks from the point where the weight of the tram passes. 12 will be auctioned in February. The tradesmen in the region expect a clear information and notification on expropriation. The regional shopkeepers also demand a reasonable period of time, if a decision of expropriation and eviction is taken.


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