Disabled Persons

Disabled Persons and Ski Pleasure: Students with disabilities in Muş burned a barbecue on the snow at the Güzeldağ Ski Center, picnicking and enjoying the snow.

Disabled students, who were educated in a private rehabiliaston center in Muş, had a picnic by cooking sausage on a barbecue on the snow at Güzeldağ Ski Center. The obstacles, who witnessed colorful scenes by making snowmen, enjoyed the snow by skiing with a sled.

At the Private New Contemporary Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, which is active in Varto district of Muş, students with down syndrome, autistic, mild and moderate mental disabilities had a great time at the ski center.

Engin Güven, one of the directors of the institution, stated that they bring together the disabled students who receive education in the institution with social and cultural activities, and said: “We always do such socio-cultural activities. We go out in nature and have picnics in summer. We went to Lake Van, which is close to us, Nemrut Crater lakes in Bitlis and Hamurpet Lake in Varto. We came to Muş Ski Center in the winter and made sausage on a barbecue on the snow and fed our stomach. After that, we had a nice ride, our children had a lot of fun. When they have fun, we have more fun, we are more happy, and that's what our goal is. "


The Ministry of National Education, 1 April 2015 history of vascular reading system will put into practice and this system will prevent the participation of students with disabilities in the social and cultural activities that express the Trust, said they are not a party in this application. Noting that this system will force the training to be done in closed environment, Güven said, ı I want to call our Ministry; 1 is coming to us as a joke after April and our institutions will come with a vein recognition system. In other words, our students will not be able to participate in any socio-cultural activities, they will not be able to participate in the organization. Now we've brought the students here and how are we gonna get this device here? How are we going to read these kids? . I am a teacher and I don't need to have education in a closed area. Ben


Şahin Gedik shared the happiness of the mental disability student by participating in the activity in the ski resort. X With this year, we have seen the benefits of opening this school for the 8 years and the children going. The child has a lot of benefits in social studies and school trips. Today we came to Muş, ski resorts and it was a nice fun. What is palm reading and we are against it. Our children then fall off. It is better for our children to be educated in open spaces and to engage in social activities. Çocuklar

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