Asphalt coins taken from citizens in Balıkesir are repaid

The asphalt coins taken from citizens in Balıkesir are paid back: Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality pays back the geri Asphalt Coins Balıkes. The Metropolitan Municipality will pay back the payments made in relation to the Public Expenditure Fee share known as 'asphalt money' among the public.
Mayor Ahmet Edip Uğur made a short statement on the subject. If you apply to Karesi and Altıeylül Municipality by the deadline of 30 March 2015 which is the last application date, the amount you have paid will be deducted or returned to your debts by our municipalities Son.
In the statement made by the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, he paid the asphalt money and reminded that it is important for the citizens who want to benefit from the repatriation to apply to the relevant Municipalities in this regard.

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