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metro istanbul

Bahçeşehire metro good news: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş by Mecidiyeköy of Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy metro line KabataşHe said that he would extend to Mahmeşbey by Mahmutbey.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş made examinations at the Yenimahalle station construction site, the construction of which was started recently, on the Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy metro line. In the speech he gave after the examination of Kadir Topbaş, Mecidiyeköy KabataşHe announced that Mahmutbey would extend to Bahçeşehir.


Topbaş said, “What we want about the subway and what we envisaged in our transportation master plan is, 'Let there be a subway station at most half an hour in any neighborhood. When we took office, there was a rail system including 45 kilometers of trams. We have now reached 142 kilometers. There is a system of 70 kilometers as much as our Ministry of Transport will do, we have 110 kilometers of metro work. And the construction of the 109 kilometer rail system currently underway continues. Thus, when someone says how 400 kilometers will be, we will enter 430 in Istanbul with 2019 kilometers. 6 of our districts are affected by this metro line. ”


The metro line, which will have 18 stations starting from Mahmutbey to Mecidiyeköy, will be integrated with later lines. KabataşKadir Topbaş, who said that he will grow up to, from citizens of Gaziosmanpaşa and Esenler. KabataşHe said they could travel comfortably until. At a later date Kabataş Stating that they are considering the continuation of the line and connecting it to Şişhane station, Topbaş thanked those who contributed to the construction of the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line, which will operate with a capacity of 70 thousand passengers per hour in one direction.

Stating that they will extend the line between Mahmutbey and Mecidiyeköy to 26 minutes when commissioned, Topbaş said that they will continue from Mahmutbey station and extend to Bahçeşehir. Kabataşwill be able to access. I give good news from here because those who live in Bahçeşehir are constantly tweeting, 'What will we be, transportation is difficult'? KabataşIt is possible to come to Istanbul, "he said.


Answering the questions of the press after the statements about the subway, Topbaş asked a question about whether the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality building will be moved to Seyrantepe, “We gave up the application because it is a serious investment but we are returning in a few years, we said we are now making the subways. We need subways, we need money, there is investment, there is transportation. For a while we thought we would continue here again. We're not doing it right now. He was given up, I do not know if they will do it in the future. I always say that we cook in the pot and eat on the lid, we do not buy plates so that there is no waste. We are so sensitive, ”he replied.

“I am someone who leaves the spider I saw in my house outside of nature”

Speaking about the animal shelters that react, Topbaş said, “When I say 20 thousand in my past talks, 'Will it be 20 thousand, where will it fit?' they evaluate. If it is misunderstood, I am correcting that around 20 thousand animals can come here annually and operations are carried out. Let me also say that our values, culture and belief come from an understanding that respects all living things. I am someone who even leaves the spider I saw in my house out to nature. Someone can use it for different purposes, we are not. It looks like we are, and we continue to live as we seem. ”

Following his speech, Kadir Topbaş, who pushed the remote control button that enables the construction of the machines, started the tunnel excavation to connect the metro stops.

Topbaş then headed to the stairs to leave the construction site, seeing the ladder load capacity of the 10 personality, warned that more than 10 people should not use the stairs at the same time.

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