Eurasia tunnel reaches the deepest point

The Eurasia tunnel reached the deepest point: 100 meters, the deepest point in the excavation works of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will reduce the travel time between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme from 15 minutes to 106 minutes.

Work is continuing rapidly in the 14,6 km Eurasia Tunnel Project built for cars with the build-operate-transfer model under the Bosphorus. The tunnel boring machine (TBM), which started excavation on April 7, 24 in works carried out on a 19/2014 basis, completed the 3-meter part of the 340 thousand 1912-meter excavation work.

Starting out from the starting box opened in Haydarpaşa Port, TBM digs 12 meters a day. Continuing excavation work under the Bosphorus, TBM recently reached 106 meters, the deepest point. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who says that he is informed when the deepest point is reached and wants to drink coffee with the workers, is expected to examine in the tunnel in the coming days.

In addition to the excavation work, construction of the middle deck of the two-storey tunnel was started. Thanks to special machines and systems prepared during the manufacturing of the middle deck, TBM continues to excavate. When the tunnel excavation is completed, the manufacturing of the middle deck will be completed by 85. The tunnel is planned to open at the end of 2016.

In order to increase the durability of the Eurasia Tunnel in a possible earthquake, special seismic gaskets are installed at two different points. The assembly of the first seismic gasket is located at 852 meters and the second gasket at 1380 meters.

The total cost of the project started in 2011 1 billion 250 million dollars. In the project, the coastal road between Cankurtaran and Kazlıçeşme will be launched in the 8 strip. 100 thousand vehicles will pass through the tunnel is envisaged. In the project, there will be a box office on both sides and the toll will be 4 dollar + VAT.

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