ATSO President Koçaş: Railway contributes to Aksaray industry

ATSO President Koçaş: The railway contributes to the Aksaray industry. Ahmet Koçaş, Chairman of the ATSO Board of Directors, said that the railroad in Aksaray would make a great contribution to the development of our industry.

ATSO President Koçaş, who visited almost all the companies in the organized industrial zone last year, exchanged ideas with the managers of the remaining companies.

With the new investments, the organized industrial zone has gained great momentum. kazanKoçaş, President of the Republic of Turkey, said, “We visited several of our companies and exchanged views today within the scope of our factory visits, which we have emphasized since the day we took office. We visited almost all of our companies operating and active in our organized industrial zone in 2013 and 2014, as the public watched closely. As a result of the consultations with our companies during these visits, the deficiencies that we could not see were conveyed to us by our factory representatives during the visits.

In addition to our necessary public institutions and organizations, we have also expressed the missing issues in our OIZ Board of Directors meetings and reduced the problems to a minimum. In 2015, we continued our visits from where we left and went to the field and exchanged views with our companies, which we had the opportunity to visit. The most important issue that was conveyed to us during our visits was at the point of when the railway will start operating. In this regard, we have conveyed to our company representatives that the necessary project has been approved and the work has started and that the train route will come to Aksaray as soon as possible. Since the point between Aksaray-Ulukışla, that is, to our Organized Industrial Zone, is on a flat area, the proportion part up to the OIZ leg of the project may end earlier than expected. We have also expressed every platform where our indispensable railway is at the point of development of our industry. ” said.


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