Asphalt patch work on cardboard

Asphalt patching work on Kartep: Overhaul improvement works on main artery connected roads in Kartepe are performed as patch patches on the surfaces that have deteriorated in rainy weather.
The emergency response teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs of Kartepe Municipality, which evaluates the weather conditions without precipitation in the most efficient way, continued the patch asphalt work in Fatih Sultan District.
The Municipality of Kartepe repaired one-on-one surfaces of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet District as part of the asphalt patch pavements. Teams in the same region on the bus route 60 tone asphalt with patch work.
Kartepe Municipality Asphalt Patching Teams make the asphalt patch works on the connected intermediate artery roads as a ring in non-rainy weather, especially on the main arterial roads. The teams continue to perform asphalt patching studies in order to provide a comfortable transportation facility to the people of the district.



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