Aşağıbeşpınar Peasants Want Bridge

Aşağıbeşpınar Peasants Want a Bridge: The people of Aşağıbeşpınar village of Sungurlu district of Çorum appealed to the authorities to bridge the transportation between the village and the hamlet.
Nearly 10,000 people living in the village of Aşağıbeşpınar, where the 1 has lived for more than a century, says they had to use the 5 kilometer mud road to go to the fields and the surrounding villages.
The villagers expressed that they had to go through this tea because more than 70 of the cultivated areas were located in the vicinity of the Budaközü Stream, and they said that they were doing their jobs especially in times of rising water. Citizens, sometimes tractors, sometimes pedestrians are trying to pass through the waters of tea.
In the village, the settlement is quite old, saying that the village of Subbian Subtitle Tuncay Science, villages for more than 100 years over the bridge suffered due to problems, he said.
The village that uses the tea to pass to the opposite side of the car and that the vehicle is pulled from here every day.
The headman said, “School bus vehicles also pass through this stream. Sometimes we get nervous when the water rises, ”he said.
Tuncay Bilim, the village headman, asked for help from the authorities.

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