German Train Engineers Union Goes Again Again

German Railroad Engineers' Union Goes Again: German Train Engineers Union announced that it will go on strike for the seventh time on the grounds that it cannot reach an agreement with German Railways.

In the longstanding negotiations between the German Trainers' Union and the German Railways, no agreement was reached. German Railroad Engineers' Union, which accused German Railways of stalling during the negotiations, announced the decision to strike for the seventh time. Claus Weselsky, the president of the German Train Engineers Union, said in a statement the date of the strike will not be announced, the salaries of the increase in the rate of 5 2 hour and weekly work hours demanded to reduce the hours recorded. Weselsky stated that the German Railways did not meet the rightful demands of the employees and said, ad They play against us as guilty against our victimized people. The decision to strike is a unanimous decision of the mechanic members who are members of our union. Gre

The German Trainers' Association (2014) went on strike six times in the year and the strike decision of the Christmas holiday was canceled by the Administrative Court of the State of Hesse.

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