No problem at Alanya Ring Road

There is no problem in Alanya Ring Road for now: Mayor Yücel said that there is no problem in the 50-meter Ring Road project to be opened with the joint efforts of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Highways and Alanya Municipality.
Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Highways and Alanya Municipality will be opened with the joint work of the 50 Meter on the final status of the Council gave information about the meeting. President Yücel stated that the traffic intensity of the region will be alleviated by the new Alanya Ring Road, which he asked for information from the public. A protocol agreement was signed between the highways and the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The project is currently being evaluated. Alanya Municipality will prepare the implementation and master development plans and the Metropolitan Municipality will make its approval. Uygulama
If the problems related to the property by the Municipality of Alanya 18. substance implementation formula will be solved by voicing President Yucel, "Highways will make the expropriation of agricultural land related places," he said. President Yücel stated that the process to be carried out and the works to be carried out on the 50 Meter Ring Road which will start from Hasbahçe Neighborhood and will be connected to Gazipaşa road from Imamlı neighborhood should be completed until 2016, N I hope that the tender of this road will be done by 2016. This is good news for our region. We stand behind this project with all our units Biz

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