Alanya Peripheral route has been announced

Alanya Ring Road route has been announced: Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Türel gave the good news that huge investments will be made in Alanya, where problems have become a lump.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel stated that they saw that the problems of Alanya, which have been spoken for years and have become tangled, have not been made a barley. Explaining that the capacities of the treatments in Alanya are filled and there are mechanical problems, Mayor Türel said, “If we cannot protect the sea, the biggest capital of tourism, we will face irreparable problems. We immediately rolled up our sleeves for the rehabilitation of the treatment stations in Alanya, Mahmutlar, Oba, Tosmur, Cikcikli, Okurcalar. We are building odor prevention units in Mahmutlar and Konaklı. "We will complete these investments, which we will spend 39 million 850 thousand liras, in a very short time like 4 months, before the tourism season."
Expressing that they will solve the infrastructure problems of Alanya, Türel said, “Fortunately, thanks to the Metropolitan Law, we can now give you these good news. "We will make the smelling Alanya smelling like Alanya." Referring to Alanya's garbage problem, Türel said, "Instead of Alanya discussing where to dump the garbage, it will be an Alanya that will dispose of electricity and dispose of its garbage."
Noting that they are continuing the works on Alanya Ring Road together with the Highways, Türel said: “As the Metropolitan, we determined the alternative route. The first stage will be 17 kilometers and the second stage will be 15 kilometers. As Büyükşehir, we are preparing its projects this year. After completing this, we will include it in the 2016 investment program with the support of our Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuoğlu. In 2017, we will have solved the ring road issue together with overpass junctions. "
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He said that the village roads will meet with hot asphalt for the first time and that the fight against the fly will be started in February for comfort throughout the year. Everything will be better than before ”.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, who opened the ASAT Alanya service building with a ceremony, said that they will make an infrastructure investment of 2015 million lira in Alanya in 62. Türel said, “In the past, our mukhtars were looking for me when the water exploded. The ASAT building, which we opened today, will provide you with the best service with 218 personnel. Our mukhtars will not have to call me ”.



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