Akseki-Seydişehir highway closed

Akseki-Seydişehir highway was closed to transportation: The highway connecting Antalya to Konya was closed to traffic due to snowfall, snowfall and icing.
Snowfall, which started to be effective at night in Akseki, negatively affected the transportation in the region. On the Akseki-Seydişehir highway, at Alacabel at an altitude of 1825 meters, visibility dropped to zero due to its type. Many vehicles were stuck on the road due to icing.
In the Alacabel location, which was closed to traffic, the teams started a rescue work for the vehicles remaining on the road. Akseki District Traffic teams did not allow vehicles to pass starting from the Akseki Junction. Drivers were directed to recreational facilities.
It has been reported that snow thickness at the Alacebel site has reached one meter.



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