Akdağ Ski Center will grow with new investments

Akdağ Ski Center will grow with new investments: Deputy Governor Kubalı: “There are efforts to open new facilities in the center, which is appreciated in the promotional trips of foreign travel agencies, due to the insufficient 30-room facility”

New investments will be made in Ladik district in order to increase the share of Akdag Ski Center, which is suitable for this season in winter, and grass skiing in summer, from tourism.

Deputy Governor Hakan Kubalı, AA correspondent, said the 2 thousand meters in the ski slope in the snow thickness since the beginning of the season 1-1,5 meters, he said.

Stating that the center received great interest from ski lovers from neighboring provinces such as Ordu, Amasya, Tokat and Çorum as well as Samsun, Kubalı said, “There are efforts to open new facilities in the center, which is appreciated by the foreign travel agencies, because the 30-room facility is inadequate. We think that the center will become more active with the opening of these facilities. Akdağ Ski Center, which currently serves only for domestic tourism, will have a voice in foreign tourism with the investments to be made. ”

Stating that in the previous years, by the experts of the subject, it was determined that the region could be a center for international competitions, Kubalı said, “Another distinctive feature of this place is that the grass is ideal for grass skiing. The fact that snow skiing can be done in winter and grass skiing in summer gives privilege here. ”

He added that the Ladik Lake and Ambarköy Open Air Museum, which is famous for its Kubama, Hamamağı Thermal Spring, pike and unique wooden fish, carried Ladik to a different point in tourism.